The Closest Thing To Legal Sports Betting


As we all know it is effectively illegal to bet on sports, either with a bookie or via the internet.  This illegality keeps the most straight laced of us (those society has deemed pussies) away from gambling.  Regardless of one’s political position, we can all agree that gambling is fun; it may be risky, and questionably moral, but it is nonetheless quite entertaining.  Sports betting is particularly fun as it gives the gambler a rooting interest in the game.  There is one site that allows the individual to obtain such a rooting interest and bet on the game without placing a “bet.”  Stubhub.  Ticket prices are a result of numerous factors, the economy, general fan interest, weather, game experience, the fan base of the away team, but the most important factor of all is team performance.  In essence, the better a team performs over the course of the season, the more the tickets to a team’s game will cost.  Conversely the worse a team performs the lower the ticket price will be.  However shorting a ticket is a far more complicated transaction, involving selling the ticket soon, and repurchasing it at a later date for profit.  Take for example two college football teams I am extremely bullish on, Texas A&M and LSU.  Tickets for the Texas A&M – Alabama game are currently running for a minimum of $424 in the nosebleeds.  The game is at Kyle Field.  Nosebleeds in Death Valley are currently running as low as $279 for the Texas A&M LSU game.  Buying a ticket for such a game is essentially a bet on LSU and Texas A&M, the margins are lower than a traditional bet, but higher than almost any other possible investment.  If LSU and Texas A&M, both play well, which I expect they will do I expect that the ticket prices will appreciate to near Texas A&M Alabama values.  Obviously this requires a much higher capital investment than what a casual gambler may possess, but for those with means, I would recommend investing in the following games, in addition to Texas A&m LSU: Baylor – Texas, South Carolina – Florida, USC – Stanford, Ole Miss – Texas A&M, and Northwestern – Michigan.  In the NFL, I would recommend: Bears – Eagles, Saints – Panthers (In Carolina), Packers – Steelers, 49ers – Falcons, and Patriots – Ravens.  Obviously, this is a risker, and less lucrative bet than true sports betting, but attractive returns can nonetheless be found.

2 thoughts on “The Closest Thing To Legal Sports Betting

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  2. Good article, I agree there is an opportunity to make money on buying tickets in advance for a sell-out or high demand sporting event; however, I prefer to buy directly from the source (team/organization’s website, PSL owner) vs. the secondary market (Ticketmaster, StubHub) to avoid the excessive “service” fees which reduce my revenue.

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